10 Insane Water Toys Everyone Must Try

4. Jetlev Flyer

Everyone dreams of flying through the air, right? Well, with the new Jetlev Flyer you can easily do just that in a split of a second! The Jetlev Flyer may be the safest and most affordable way to fly your own jetpack. While this insane water toy is water-propelled and can’t be flown over land, a fabulous day on the water is absolutely guaranteed!

The weight of a jetpack is kept to a minimum by placing the engine and related systems within an autonomous boat, which is tethered to the jetpack and follows the pilot around. It delivers pressurized water through a hose, generating thrust by forcing the water through nozzles on either side of the jetpack. Jetlev Flyer can propel a 150-pound person up to 22 mph with 1 hour of flight at full throttle! If this seems like the coolest water toy in the world, the next one will definitely knock your socks off.