10 Insane Water Toys Everyone Must Try

2. Zapata Flyboard

When Frank Zapata unveiled the Zapata Flyboard in 2011, the entire world took notice. It’s now viewed as the standard bearer of extreme watercraft. This ingenious water gushing machine lets you powerfully fly up into the air and do daredevil stunts that boggle the mind. Bolted to a jetski motor, the Flyboard rides using the jetski water that runs through a hose that connects to a pair of jet boots strapped to a platform.

Nozzles mounted below the platform fire huge amounts of high pressure water creating incredible lift. Now a worldwide phenomenon, the Flyboard makes appearances at elaborate shows demonstrating its radically intense manoeuvres under night skies using liquid LEDs and pyrotechnics. It’s a truly incredible water toy, but the last one on the list surpasses all its predecessors!