Gi Bike: The Lightest Folding Electric Bike

We all know that bicycles are the most efficient and eco-friendly way to commute throughout the city, but we found out that there is no bicycle with -all- the features that satisfy all the needs of the everyday commuter. In fact there has not been any major or real innovation since its original bike creation in the 1800s. That is why The Gi-Bike was invented, by carefully challenging every aspect and design of the traditional bike.

The Electric Assistance (Pedalec) knows when you need help and will assist you with the electric engine, that way you won’t sweat a drop when riding to an important meeting or that first date.

folding electric bicycle 1

Electric Bike Runs 40+ miles on a LifePo4 battery without recharging, and weighing under 37.4lbs, the Gi is a true feather in the city.

folding electric bicycle 2

It only takes 1 second and one motion to fold. After folding, it is easy to carry, like a wheeled-luggage, you just grab the handles of the folding electric bike and go.

folding electric bicycle 3

Smartphone integration, GPS, social networking, a full control of Gi’s features and an integrated USB port connects you to your folding electric bike no other.

folding electric bicycle 4

Highest percentage of urban bicycle accidents are car side-hits. Folding Electric Bike’s frontal wheel smart LED lights turn on at night, gaining visibility in darker hours thus making the safest ride possible.

folding electric bicycle 5

Gi features a Lithium-Ion high performance battery that lasts 40+ miles without recharging. Plus, you can use it to plug your smartphone while you drive.

folding electric bicycle 6

Easy to lock, easy to share. The Gi-Bike’s integrated anti-theft lock has a feature that locks automatically once you walk 10 feet away from your bike. You can also add users to your Gi, so it’s super-easy to share with friends and family.

folding electric bicycle 7