Google Unveiled It’s Own Fully self-driving Electric Car

Google has been creating cars that do not need you learn to drive for a time, but what we’ve seen so far has always been upgraded existing cars for sale — until today. The search giant unveiled on Tuesday a fully self-driving Fiat-like looking electric car, built with a blank sheet of paper complitly by Google and its partners.

One of the the Google’s founders Sergey Brin recovered his plans at Recode’s Code Conference in southern California. He told, that there’s a safety bonus in a self-manufactured self-driving electric car. So the car doesn’t have a steering wheel, accelerator or brakes, it has more sensors in strategic spots than it is possible in a regular car. For emergency Google electric car equipped with a huge “stop” button. In addition to all this safety tech, Google’s autonomous car includes internal power steering and power brakes.

google self-driving electric car

Driving the all-electric car is like going on a Disney ride experience. Considering it currently has a maximum speed of roughly 25 mph, this makes sense. Brin described riding in this electric car, which in one test was programmed with smartphone, as “relaxing,” and similar to catching a chairlift. He added that the car will eventually go up to 100 mph once it’s proven to be able to travel safely at that speed.

As for when we’ll see Google car on electric car sale — which are much smaller than regular electric cars and include couch-like seating, Brin said Google will soon test them with drivers. Within a couple of years, they’ll — if they’ve passed the crash test and safety metrics they’ve put in place, which is to be much more safer than a human driver … have them on the road.