Kuratas – A Japanese giant robot controlled by iPhone 5s

Here is “Kuratas“, a giant Japanese robot designed by the company Suidobashi Heavy Industry and presented at the Wonder Festival in Chiba. Weighing over 4 tons and measuring 4 meters high, this giant robot controlled by iPhone 5s is equipped with machine guns capable of firing up to 6000 rounds per minute and has an automatic targeting system. And the amazing thing is that this new Japanese robot can be controlled in a “classic” mode, but also from the outside by an iPhone 5s or any smartphone with 3G! It will cost you $ 1.400.000 to acquire this metal monster powered by 30 hydraulic pistons… This project, led by engineers Wataru Yoshizaki and Kogoro Kurata is running since 2010… Wow, that is what I call a gadget!