Linkbot – Here is how to make a robot!

What is a Linkbot?Here is how to make a robot!

Functional right out of the box! The Linkbot is a DIY robot kits. What sets the Linkbot apart is that it’s fully functional as an individual robot. You can start using the Linkbot right out of the box!

Very easy to expand! What makes the Linkbot unique is its unlimited capability to expand. The Linkbot is equipped with 3 mounting surfaces to attach additional robot kits or accessories. You can use our SnapConnectors to easily snap-on accessories such as wheels, a gripper, a camera mount.and more. There’s also a #6-32 bolt pattern on each mounting surface so you can attach virtually anything to the Linkbot. For advanced users, we offer all the 3D robots models of our accessories on our website so you can 3D print them yourself.

Lots and lots of technology! Just because its easy to use right away, that doesn’t mean you’re limited in what you can do. A wide range of technology will engage the most advanced hackers and makers. A breakout board allows users to connect all sorts of sensors such as range finders, LEDs, or thermostats. The DIY robot has two rotating hubs with absolute encoding, an accelerometer, buzzer, multicolor LED, and is ZigBee-capable wireless with a 100m line-of-sight range. The Linkbot is Arduino compatible and we give you the tools needed to completely re-flash the firmware.