Top 10 Radical E-Bikes You Can Get Right Now

9. Greyp G12

Greyp G12 is designed as a perfect blend of a motorcycle and bicycle. With its beefy midsection and 65 km/h top speed, Greyp G12 offers a genuine motorcycle feel. It’s now available as the 2nd generation of Greyp G12 – Greyp G12S, an upgraded version that boasts 1,500 W of power and a top speed of 70 km/h in power mode! Ultimately, to comply with EU regulations for E-Bikes, a street mode is also available in both versions.

This keeps the bike down to a relatively tame 25 km/h at 250 W of power. Pedal assist is available in either mode and the battery pack includes a bundle of high-energy lithium-ion cells. An advanced algorithm in battery monitoring system checks each battery’s voltage 100 times per second, calculating the remaining range.