Top 10 Radical E-Bikes You Can Get Right Now

7. Trefecta E-Bike

It was only a matter of time until the arrival of high-end super E-Bikes employing the latest and advanced technologies. With Trefecta’s twin lines of immaculately crafted E-Bikes that expectation has clearly been met. The off-road DRT line and the URB city version both sport a military-spec frame constructed of military-grade aluminium block for extreme durability. Strength is further enhanced through the use of carbon fibre and a 4 KW power motor.

The cutting edge 14 speed transmission delivers an impressive 184 foot pound of torque to the rear wheel. Low-speed riding uses Trefecta’s smash gear pedal system, which perfectly blends pedalling and engine power. A 60 V lithium-ion battery pack, which fully charges in 3 hours, enables a range of 62 miles and speed of 40 mph in non-pedalling fully-motorized mode.