Top 10 Radical E-Bikes You Can Get Right Now

4. Stealth B-52

Stealth B-52 offers a 50 mph top speed, leaving most other E-Bikes in the dust. Its brushless motor produces a mind-bending 5200 watts and its 9-speed sequential gear box delivers some serious torque. The 1.5 KW battery is good for up to 600 charge cycles, charging up to 240 V in only 2 hours, while providing a smooth and clean power curve. For quick stops front and rear hydraulic breaks will bring you to an immediate halt, but when needed engine breaking can also come into play.

To extend the bike’s range breaking energy is converted into electrical energy that’s fed back into the battery. Stealth B-52 is perfectly balanced and will conquer any terrain starting with steep slopes and ending with rocky mountains.