Top 10 Radical E-Bikes You Can Get Right Now

3. Enorm Bikes

The rugged Austrian Alps create a perfect setting for the incredible Enorm E-Bike. It boasts huge wheels and heavy-duty frame construction that fits the name quite well (which is German for ‘’huge”). Rising to new heights in E-Bike design, these radical creations are among the most eye-catching E-Bikes made today.

Enorm’s large staple of E-Bikes combine futuristic designs with bike motifs of the past. The Enorm Bullet V3’s classic retro look and 21st century technology is a perfect example of that mix. Its high-end aluminium frame supports a 48 V battery-powered motor with a range of about 62 miles. Whether pedalling or motor-powered, rolling on 24 inch wheels in the rear and 26 inches up front, the Bullet V3 strikes a truly unforgettable pose.