Flykly – An Electric Bicycle Wheel Controlled by Smartphone

The “FlyKly Smart Wheel” is an innovative concept that turns any mountain bike or bmx bikes into a motorized bicycle! This new gadget lets you equip your bike with an electric motor fully embedded in a single wheel, but also connected to your smartphone thanks to a small device to be mounted on the handlebars. This connectivity allows you to control the motor of the FlyKly directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone, but can also activate a burglar alarm, which will alert you when your bike is moved, and will allow you to locate it but also to remotely lock the motor. The FlyKly weighs 4 kg and allows a speed of 25 km/h with a range of 50 km. The device installed on the handlebars is also a lamp, and also charges your phone thanks to the integrated dynamo! A gadget with a brilliant concept that has already succeeded its funding on Kickstarter.

FlyKly-electric-bike-wheel-1 FlyKly-electric-bike-wheel-2 FlyKly-electric-bike-wheel-3 FlyKly-electric-bike-wheel-4 FlyKly-electric-bike-wheel-5 FlyKly-electric-bike-wheel-6 FlyKly-electric-bike-wheel-7