Top 10 Radical E-Bikes You Can Get Right Now

10. Super 73

Today’s E-Bikes employ advanced technology, but we still crave our older bike designs. The Super 73, a new E-Bike that looks like it time-travelled from the 1970s, is the living proof of that. It was originally a project on Kickstarter that managed to raise a mind-shattering $441,000 and some more. The excitement over this radical E-Bike just continues to grow!

The Super 73’s 1,000 W electric motor can carry a rider of up to 300 pounds down the road at over 25 mph within a 20 mile range. If you like to help out with some old school pedalling, choosing one of five levels of pedal assist modes or creating your own setting extends the range even further. It’s a fun E-Bike for a fast adventurous ride!