Top 10 Radical E-Bikes You Can Get Right Now

6. Carbon SUV

Carbon SUV is an advanced E-Bike concept from Motor Parilla. This revolutionary machine comes complete with an attitude. Described as a perfect package of design, engineering, and art, this motorcycle-inspired multi-terrain bike definitely deserves its name. Its dual off-road and outstanding street capabilities earn it the right to a sports utility vehicle acronym. Its powerful frame is further strengthened by angry-looking balloon-style tires.

The Carbon SUV’s electric motor is available in two main power levels: the 15.5 mph 250 W version and 18 mph 500 W edition. The power is supplied by 12 lithium-ion batteries and the pedal assist drive allows a range of 22%-100% motor assistance. It’s a great bike for both riding in the city and exploring the countryside.